Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Romeing Around

Good morning, last day in Italy today. I think Rome was a great way to end it. Ive seen the Vatican, which was huge and crazy how much detail went in to making it. And the Colosseum was beautiful at sunset. I also went to the Jewish Ghetto and Synagogue directly after the Vatican, which was a very interesting contrast. I saw a couple other museums. Last night I did a walking tour of the city. Saw the Trevi and Triton fountain, and the Spanish steps. Three different piazzas, ending in Piazza Navona, which is like the center of town. It was really cool there, lots of live performances and artwork all over. A very happening spot.
This evening I have an overnight train to Vienna. Oh its only 13 hours long, no big deal. I'm excited to start making my way to eastern Europe. (and possibly escape some heat)

Peace Ya'll

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  1. Can't wait to meet you in Prague! Bringing big hugs from everyone in San Diego! Enjoy Vienna! Love and peace...