Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Meg.foug hah tom AH pop-shit dat?

Good morning from Budapest! Ive been here a few days now, its been rainy and gloomy the whole time, but Ive loved it! I feel like the overcast weather matches the style of the city. Budapest is really two, Buda and Pest, separated by the Duna River. I am staying on the Buda side, but have explored both sides equally. After getting some suggestions of things to see from Melody, I have been out exploring. Ive done it by Bicycle, as it is pretty easy to get around that way here.
Ive been to the Terror Museum where I learned a lot about the History of the country and how it was during the communist regime. That was very interesting and powerful. The building where the museum was used to be a prison as well.
Heroes square is very picturesque. So like in Budapest, youll be walking like ladadada and then BOOM theres this huge old Castle. Its really incredible, the castles. I checked out one of the Thermal Baths called Szecheny.
I went to the bar, SZIMPLA. It was so cool there. One of the coolest I have ever been to. I met some other travelers there and we swapped some stories.
I also went to the Grand Market, which is incredible! Such fresh produce. I had some delicious sauerkraut. Also this really good bread thing that was filled with a sort of fig mush I think.
I wondered around the Island called Margit Island. It is in between Buda and Pest and it is just lovely and quaint. Today I am going to have a look around the Jewish Quarter. Then I leave for Prague tomorrow morning.

Dne Eht


  1. oh and PS I woke up this morning to find out that my sister Rachel is engaged!!! Yay so excited for her and my new brother :)

  2. WOW...Budapest sounds amazing...especially the part when ....BOOM....there is a castle...I know exactly what you mean!!! So excited about Prague....get ready for the biggest hug of your life!!!!!

  3. Shelby! Budapest is one of my favorite cities ever! And I LOVE that bar SZIMPLA. Sounds like you are having soo much fun!
    I love that I can stalk you through your blog!

    -Katie Jo (Rachel's friend)

  4. Thank you shelby for the sweet comment! Miss you- don't forget to update now even though you are with mom!!