Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Non capisco!

Buonasera Everybody! Im here in Cinque Terra, sweating balls, but having a grand time!
the rest of my time in Greece was great, I saw some more ruins and met some great people. I arrived in Milan and only stayed one night there before heading here to Riomaggiore. The train ride went smoothely. Its a charming little Italian village, the fifth of the five towns.
Last night there was an African Band playing on a rooftop.
Today, me and three new friends, did the five city hike. It was incredible!! The most beautiful path I have ever hiked. It took all day. Each town was very simalar but with its own unique style. The first, Monterosso, is the biggest and very cute. The second, Vernazza, is awesome, had great Sorbetti there, and did some cliff jumping into the sea! (it was safe mom). We had lunch in the third town, Corniglia and another gellatto in the fourth, Manarola. We also swam there too. Then ended back here in Riomaggiore and I have found this very hidden internet cafe. So I have only just begun to stick my toes into Italy. I plan to train to Florence on Thursday. So far, Italy is just beautiful. I deffinitely like the smaller towns better then the big city of Milan.
This area I am in now is great for outdoor sports. Tomorrow I think I am going to rent a Kayak for a few hours.

Ciao for now!


  1. CLIFF JUMPING INTO THE SEA....AHHHHHHH...ARE YOU KIDDING....you better be careful.....

  2. while on the west coast, you should think about visiting Pompeii and Rome! I think Cinque terra is west? Capri and Sardinia are off that coast and beautiful too! ENJOY!