Saturday, July 17, 2010

Italia Aggiornare Numero Due

Hello from Florence!
I arrived in this city two days ago. I got settled in, I love how everything here is walking distance. The architecture really is beautiful, just like I have always heard. The first day I had here, I went to the art musuem and saw the famous David statue. I also saw the Cathedral. So huge and spectacular! Then I tried to get away from the crowds so I wondered to the other side of the river. I walked up to the Piazzale Michelangiolo. It had the most amazing view of the city! I got some great pictures. I also checked out the church and cemetary up there which is beautiful.
Me and a friend were wandering in the cemetary, and didn't know it closed at one, so we got locked in! After a bit of stress, we finally got a hold of a guard who took us through this tunnel under the church and we got out!
I wandered around the little streets and all the different plazas. Some other girls and I met at the Hostel went to a couple Pubs last night which was pretty fun.
Today I decided to see the other little towns in Tuscany. First was Siena. It is very nice there. The people there are very proud of Siena, and it shows. I learned a lot of the history. It was also cool because it was where my sister, Rachel lived for a semester, so I got to see that. Then visited a Chianti Wine Farm. Its an organic farm too! Had a delicious lunch there and I bought a Chianti to have sometime soon.
Then saw the town of San Gimgnano. Its pretty cool, surrounded by a big wall. Lots of shops and art studios. Mainly tourists there though. Last stop was Pisa. I saw the leaning tower. Tons of tourists there as well. I think tomorrow, I will go to Fiesole, which is a small town up on a hill where not many tourists go. It will also be much less hot there.
Im back now, hot and exhausted, but feeling good. Later this evening I will go and check out the Music and Food festival that is going on outside. Its from all different countries, should be fun.
I leave for Rome on Monday, and I think that will be my last Italian city I visit.
Ciao for now!



  1. You got locked in a cemetary???? Sounds almost as scary as cliff safe ....see you soon! Love....peace...ciao

  2. shelby, everything sounds amazing. i am so jealous of your adventures! i finally linked you to my blog! miss you tons and i cant wait to see you again. <3