Monday, August 16, 2010

One Last Hurrah!

I first have to say my sincerest apologies to you all! For some reason, I stopped putting updates once I got to Germany. I guess I had less access to a computer, and just less desire to write. Hope nobody was worried or anything.
But I am here back in the states now and I think its time to let everyone know about the rest of my trip.
So, after seeing the Salvador Dali exhibit in Prague, we took the train to Munich, Germany. Unfortunately back in Euro-land, where everything becomes more expensive.
We went and saw a tour of the concentration camp, Dachau. That was a very intense experience. Seeing it all as it was for the prisoners. I found it very strange that they sort of built a suburb around the camp. And people live so close nearby. I had a lot of conflicting attitudes while there. Part of me was thinking, why rebuild some of these horrible things, but also it should be rebuilt in order for people now to see. It takes some time to digest the experience.
We went to the famous Beer Hall in Munich, HofbrÀuhaus. Had one or two huge classes of some tasty lager. Also had one of those GIANT pretzels, yum.
Then we took the long train ride over to Amsterdam. It was a stunning ride. Passed by the most adorable little towns and countryside villages. What a cool city, so many damn Damns! Its awesome, all the house boats. Very unique and surreal, nothing else like it I think. Saw the Anne Frank house. The big old Flower Market. Rented ourselves some good old fashioned Dutch Bicycles and did the rest of our exploring that way. Its amazing how many people ride bikes there I love it! Biked around Vondel Park.
First time going to a Coffee Shop, The Mellow Yellow. Very relaxed there. I love it, its like a bar but instead of everyone getting drunk and annoying, everyones gets high and chill.
We biked out of the city on a beautiful trail into the cutest little town. Later that night, hit up a different coffee shop that my friend Wendy suggested, Basjoe.
Went to the Van Gogh museum, that was incredible! So much Van Gogh! Spent all morning in there! Went to a huge Flea Market the last day after having some yummy space-cakes for breakfast.
Then we all flew to Bristol, England. Very short flight.
Arrived and drove into the town where Steve lives called Dorchester. Its so cute. Southwest England is just beautiful. Rolling hills, thatched roof cottages, cows and sheep roaming all over. With every sight I saw, it was like turning the page of a storybook.
Had some great hikes and bike rides in the countryside. Great meals at the local Pubs. People were so friendly! It was kind of nice to be back in english speaking land, although some of their sayings sound like another language.
So after being there about a week, I have made one last stop. Believe it or not I am back in San Diego, California, my home town. Wasn't planning on coming here, but it has worked out that way. It is actually just as crazy for me to be back home after all this time then any foreign country I have been to! Still adjusting, but it is nice overall. Seeing family and old friends. Got about a week left here before heading back to Chicago.
So thats all folks. Thanks for sticking with me and following me through my travels. Sorry again for my laziness and poor writing skills. I will let you know about my next traveling adventures. (I've been thinking a lot about Thailand) But for now, wish me luck at my second year of college!

Peace n Love

Shelby :)

Friday, July 30, 2010

Klesch tay na necktey

Hello from Prague
After a beautifultrain ride from Budapest, I arrived here a couple nights ago.
I met up with two great travel companions that I will be with the rest of my trip
Weve seen many sights, walking around, the giant clock tower, the Charles Bridge, the Castle. There are many churches and castles here as well. Beautiful architectue that is very diverse.
Today we explored the Jewish Quarter. The synagogues and cemetary were incredible and very moving. I like the artwork here a lot, surrealism is abound. There is a Salvador Dali exhibit and a Kafka museum.
Last night, we went to the black light theatre where they showed a nonverbal iterpretation of The Beatles Yellow Submarine. Very interesting.
Tomorrow we head to Munich

Peace n Love

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Meg.foug hah tom AH pop-shit dat?

Good morning from Budapest! Ive been here a few days now, its been rainy and gloomy the whole time, but Ive loved it! I feel like the overcast weather matches the style of the city. Budapest is really two, Buda and Pest, separated by the Duna River. I am staying on the Buda side, but have explored both sides equally. After getting some suggestions of things to see from Melody, I have been out exploring. Ive done it by Bicycle, as it is pretty easy to get around that way here.
Ive been to the Terror Museum where I learned a lot about the History of the country and how it was during the communist regime. That was very interesting and powerful. The building where the museum was used to be a prison as well.
Heroes square is very picturesque. So like in Budapest, youll be walking like ladadada and then BOOM theres this huge old Castle. Its really incredible, the castles. I checked out one of the Thermal Baths called Szecheny.
I went to the bar, SZIMPLA. It was so cool there. One of the coolest I have ever been to. I met some other travelers there and we swapped some stories.
I also went to the Grand Market, which is incredible! Such fresh produce. I had some delicious sauerkraut. Also this really good bread thing that was filled with a sort of fig mush I think.
I wondered around the Island called Margit Island. It is in between Buda and Pest and it is just lovely and quaint. Today I am going to have a look around the Jewish Quarter. Then I leave for Prague tomorrow morning.

Dne Eht

Friday, July 23, 2010

Wo ist die Toilette, bitte?

In Vienna, Austria, enjoying the cooler weather! It is so beautiful here! There is so much culture and history. Seeing where some people have lived has been incredible, like Mozart and Freud! There is this consistency in the architecture here that I havent seen in any other city. Ive seen many great Opera Houses and large churches. All of them are in the Gothic style. They have a giant ferris wheel here near the Donau Tower. I thought the coolest palace I saw was the Schloss Belvedere Palace. Its right near the Botanical gardens which is just lovely.
I will do a little more exploring tomorrow and then I leave for Budapest tomrrow evening!

Peace n Love

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Romeing Around

Good morning, last day in Italy today. I think Rome was a great way to end it. Ive seen the Vatican, which was huge and crazy how much detail went in to making it. And the Colosseum was beautiful at sunset. I also went to the Jewish Ghetto and Synagogue directly after the Vatican, which was a very interesting contrast. I saw a couple other museums. Last night I did a walking tour of the city. Saw the Trevi and Triton fountain, and the Spanish steps. Three different piazzas, ending in Piazza Navona, which is like the center of town. It was really cool there, lots of live performances and artwork all over. A very happening spot.
This evening I have an overnight train to Vienna. Oh its only 13 hours long, no big deal. I'm excited to start making my way to eastern Europe. (and possibly escape some heat)

Peace Ya'll

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Italia Aggiornare Numero Due

Hello from Florence!
I arrived in this city two days ago. I got settled in, I love how everything here is walking distance. The architecture really is beautiful, just like I have always heard. The first day I had here, I went to the art musuem and saw the famous David statue. I also saw the Cathedral. So huge and spectacular! Then I tried to get away from the crowds so I wondered to the other side of the river. I walked up to the Piazzale Michelangiolo. It had the most amazing view of the city! I got some great pictures. I also checked out the church and cemetary up there which is beautiful.
Me and a friend were wandering in the cemetary, and didn't know it closed at one, so we got locked in! After a bit of stress, we finally got a hold of a guard who took us through this tunnel under the church and we got out!
I wandered around the little streets and all the different plazas. Some other girls and I met at the Hostel went to a couple Pubs last night which was pretty fun.
Today I decided to see the other little towns in Tuscany. First was Siena. It is very nice there. The people there are very proud of Siena, and it shows. I learned a lot of the history. It was also cool because it was where my sister, Rachel lived for a semester, so I got to see that. Then visited a Chianti Wine Farm. Its an organic farm too! Had a delicious lunch there and I bought a Chianti to have sometime soon.
Then saw the town of San Gimgnano. Its pretty cool, surrounded by a big wall. Lots of shops and art studios. Mainly tourists there though. Last stop was Pisa. I saw the leaning tower. Tons of tourists there as well. I think tomorrow, I will go to Fiesole, which is a small town up on a hill where not many tourists go. It will also be much less hot there.
Im back now, hot and exhausted, but feeling good. Later this evening I will go and check out the Music and Food festival that is going on outside. Its from all different countries, should be fun.
I leave for Rome on Monday, and I think that will be my last Italian city I visit.
Ciao for now!


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Non capisco!

Buonasera Everybody! Im here in Cinque Terra, sweating balls, but having a grand time!
the rest of my time in Greece was great, I saw some more ruins and met some great people. I arrived in Milan and only stayed one night there before heading here to Riomaggiore. The train ride went smoothely. Its a charming little Italian village, the fifth of the five towns.
Last night there was an African Band playing on a rooftop.
Today, me and three new friends, did the five city hike. It was incredible!! The most beautiful path I have ever hiked. It took all day. Each town was very simalar but with its own unique style. The first, Monterosso, is the biggest and very cute. The second, Vernazza, is awesome, had great Sorbetti there, and did some cliff jumping into the sea! (it was safe mom). We had lunch in the third town, Corniglia and another gellatto in the fourth, Manarola. We also swam there too. Then ended back here in Riomaggiore and I have found this very hidden internet cafe. So I have only just begun to stick my toes into Italy. I plan to train to Florence on Thursday. So far, Italy is just beautiful. I deffinitely like the smaller towns better then the big city of Milan.
This area I am in now is great for outdoor sports. Tomorrow I think I am going to rent a Kayak for a few hours.

Ciao for now!