Monday, August 16, 2010

One Last Hurrah!

I first have to say my sincerest apologies to you all! For some reason, I stopped putting updates once I got to Germany. I guess I had less access to a computer, and just less desire to write. Hope nobody was worried or anything.
But I am here back in the states now and I think its time to let everyone know about the rest of my trip.
So, after seeing the Salvador Dali exhibit in Prague, we took the train to Munich, Germany. Unfortunately back in Euro-land, where everything becomes more expensive.
We went and saw a tour of the concentration camp, Dachau. That was a very intense experience. Seeing it all as it was for the prisoners. I found it very strange that they sort of built a suburb around the camp. And people live so close nearby. I had a lot of conflicting attitudes while there. Part of me was thinking, why rebuild some of these horrible things, but also it should be rebuilt in order for people now to see. It takes some time to digest the experience.
We went to the famous Beer Hall in Munich, Hofbräuhaus. Had one or two huge classes of some tasty lager. Also had one of those GIANT pretzels, yum.
Then we took the long train ride over to Amsterdam. It was a stunning ride. Passed by the most adorable little towns and countryside villages. What a cool city, so many damn Damns! Its awesome, all the house boats. Very unique and surreal, nothing else like it I think. Saw the Anne Frank house. The big old Flower Market. Rented ourselves some good old fashioned Dutch Bicycles and did the rest of our exploring that way. Its amazing how many people ride bikes there I love it! Biked around Vondel Park.
First time going to a Coffee Shop, The Mellow Yellow. Very relaxed there. I love it, its like a bar but instead of everyone getting drunk and annoying, everyones gets high and chill.
We biked out of the city on a beautiful trail into the cutest little town. Later that night, hit up a different coffee shop that my friend Wendy suggested, Basjoe.
Went to the Van Gogh museum, that was incredible! So much Van Gogh! Spent all morning in there! Went to a huge Flea Market the last day after having some yummy space-cakes for breakfast.
Then we all flew to Bristol, England. Very short flight.
Arrived and drove into the town where Steve lives called Dorchester. Its so cute. Southwest England is just beautiful. Rolling hills, thatched roof cottages, cows and sheep roaming all over. With every sight I saw, it was like turning the page of a storybook.
Had some great hikes and bike rides in the countryside. Great meals at the local Pubs. People were so friendly! It was kind of nice to be back in english speaking land, although some of their sayings sound like another language.
So after being there about a week, I have made one last stop. Believe it or not I am back in San Diego, California, my home town. Wasn't planning on coming here, but it has worked out that way. It is actually just as crazy for me to be back home after all this time then any foreign country I have been to! Still adjusting, but it is nice overall. Seeing family and old friends. Got about a week left here before heading back to Chicago.
So thats all folks. Thanks for sticking with me and following me through my travels. Sorry again for my laziness and poor writing skills. I will let you know about my next traveling adventures. (I've been thinking a lot about Thailand) But for now, wish me luck at my second year of college!

Peace n Love

Shelby :)


  1. Great job on the blog! Enjoyed spending every minute with you on our unique adventures! Love you so much and see you soon!

  2. Thank you for sharing Shelby! It was so entertaining to read! Good luck next year and your next adventure! Love, Amy Joy